Creepy Towering Clown sound/motion/LED

Creepy Towering Clown sound/motion/LED


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Setup Area: 3' L x 3' W x 6.5' H

Outlets: 1 x 20 AMP within 75'

With the carnival struggling to survive, Grimsli the Great has to take desperate measures. He’s on the hunt to capture any unlucky bystander and turn them into his next freak show star. He lurks behind the curtain, waiting for a chance to snatch the next performer. Legend has it he even sews their mouths shut with his bony claws so nobody can hear their screams. His head will turn while he shouts his creepy sayings. After all, the show must go on…

Watch in horror as Grimsli turns from side to side, looking for his next innocent bystander. His eyes light up with yellow rage and jaw chatters manically while he taunts his victims with a deadly game of hide and seek.

  • Product Sayings:
    • "I'm starting a new juggling act. I'll need a hand from one of you. And a head, and a foot - oh any part will do hahahaha!"
    • "I'm looking for someone to play hide and seek with. You go hide and I'll come find you hahaha! Start running!"
    • "Hahahahahahahaha!"
  • Animated
  • Step pad compatible


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