GaGa Pit 6 sided

GaGa Pit 6 sided


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Setup Area: 20' L x 20' W x 7' H

Outlets: 1 x 20 AMP within 50'

GaGa Pit (6 sided) is the perfect addition to any event that is looking to create a competitive environment with a fast paced game. GaGa is taking over every school, camp, and youth event. The 6 sided pit offers up to 6 contestants a unique game experience for each elimination round. They will use hand eye coordination and skills of dodging, striking, running, and jumping, while trying to hit opponents with a rubber ball at or below the knees. This game is played inside an inflatable enclosure or "pit" with a rubber playground ball. It can be played on a variety of surfaces, but for best results we suggest hard surfaces like blacktop or gym floors. 


Interested in a larger pit to hold more participants? Our GaGa Pit (8 sided) version is perfect for you! Or to turn up the fun to 11, try our GaGa Pit Glow (8 sided)


How to play the game of GaGa:


Players all start inside the pit touching the outside walls.

One player throws the Gaga Ball up in the air. They must be in the middle of the Pit.

All players yell "Ga" each time the ball bounces and the ball is in play after the third bounce (as in “Ga","Ga”, “Ga”).

Players can only hit the rubber ball with an open hand, but cannot pick up or throw it. If you hit the ball with two hands, you are out.

If the ball touches a player anywhere on or below the knee, that player is eliminated - even if they last hit the ball themselves.  Players who are out must leave the Gaga Pit immediately.

A player cannot touch the ball two times in a row - the ball must first touch another player or the pit wall or it is called a “double touch” and that player is out.

Players may not kick the ball.

If the ball is hit out of the pit, then the last player to touch the ball is out.

The last player remaining is the winner and gets to start the next game.

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