Large Generator 4 Outlet Only with Full Tank

Large Generator 4 Outlet Only with Full Tank


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Outlets: 4 at a time in specific configuration ONLY

If you're going to a park you more than likely will need a generator to run your rented equipment. This generator has 4 outlets for up 4 blowers. This can only be used with PlayGround Games equipment and must run specific inflatables based on the consumption of power.  Generator cannot be run during rainstorms and should be kept away from children. 



  • This Generator Will Power up to 4 Blowers at a Time with a specific configuration of 2 x 1HP and 2x 2HP blowers. It cannot go any higher than that or the generator's breakers will trip. 

  • Will Last Approx 4-6 Hours on a full tank. More gas available for purchase to last you for long events. 

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