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    Overhead Volleyball 9 Squares Glow

    Overhead Volleyball 9 Squares Glow

      • Actual Size: 18'L x 18'W x 8'H
      • Setup Area: 24'L x 24'W x 12'H
      • Outlets: 1 x 20 AMP within 50'
      • Attendants: 1 Needed. PGG Staff Available (2 hour minimum)

      • $350.00
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    Overhead Volleyball 9 Squares is the next hottest game for your camp, youth event, or school. The first of its kind designed to be inflatable for fast set up and tear down. Offering an exciting elimination style game play for 9+ participants. This game is in continuous motion with players rotating in after every round. All participants want to make their way to the middle square by staying in game play. Game is played above the head similar to 4-square.

    PlayGround Games is the first inflatable company in the Midwest to offer glow inflatables. Our Overhead Volleyball 9 Squares Glow comes in Glow configuration for our Glow events. 
    *For Glow, this item requires our Glow Tripod to illuminate properly.

    Overhead Volleyball 9 Squares is a guaranteed smile making group activity. It's similar to volleyball in that you are hitting a ball keeping it off the ground and rotate through the square as players are eliminated.

    How to Overhead Volleyball 9 Squares:

    9 players will take their place in one of the squares. The player in the middle is the King or Queen. The King or Queen serves first, hitting the ball UP and OUT of their square into another. As the ball moves from square to square the players will need to hit the ball UP and OUT into another square. Game continues until someone gets OUT by:

    • Letting the ball fall to the ground in their square, the player is Out and group rotates or moves forward to fill empty square.

    • If the ball is hit to outside of the game structure the last person to touch ball is Out and group rotates or moves forward to fill empty square.

    • If a guest double hits the ball, they are OUT and the group rotates

    • If guest hits the game structure, they are OUT and the group rotates.

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